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Do you wish to know what probabilities are in the cards for you? What about insights that you didn't know were just lying there? Or perhaps your life is out of balance with the energy that rules your head?
I can help. My Spiritual Consultations are far more involved than merely just reading the cards. I look into your birth chart to give you a glimpse of who is in your mind so that we can get a clearer understanding of why your life is going the way it is. 


Why Kabalistic Astrology?

First of all, any person who tells you he can predict your death or any specific information from a palm reading is simply a big liar! The palm is a map of our conscious and subconscious mind, as our conscious changes, our map also changes. 

I would also like to clarify another thing about the Kabbalah. The true Kabbalah originated in Israel thousands of years ago and that's what I practice. Unfortunately the Kabbalah has been corrupted over the ages and during the Middle Ages some forms of the Kabbalah appeared that has nothing to do with the original concept. So please be careful, there are lots of books out there that are labeled under the Kabbalah, but they are nothing but another form of Satanism.
Back to why out of all the mystical systems that I know, I became a Kabalistic Astrologer and Palm Reader? The answer is simple! Let's start with Palmistry. Palmistry or Hand Analysis has distanced itself in recent years from the Gypsy scene and visiting a palmist these days is comparable to visiting a doctor or a therapist. The palm is the part of body that is most connected to your brain. Your brain sends signals to your hands more than any other part in your body.

There are lots of researches going on in England and the United States on the hand and it's relation to the brain and science is about to reveal what the palmist have known for ages.

The hand when understood correctly is a mini individualized zodiac, a structure which parallels the zodiacal influences which operated on the personality at the moment of birth. When we study human being, we cannot understand the inner world without at the same time understanding the outer world in which he lives. And yet we cannot properly understand the outer world in which we live, without understanding ourselves. It seems that if we wish to move inwards, we must first move outwards, and if we wish to move outwards, we must first move inwards. That makes Palmistry and Astrology inseparable systems.

Moving to Kabbalah, while Kabbalah speaks in cosmic or universal terminology showing the bigger picture, astrology is local, focusing on the energies of our solar system. Since we are part of the Solar system as well as the universe, it is vital to learn about these 2 doctrines simultaneously while understanding our inner world (through hand analysis). This functions like a 3 piece system: a camera (Astrology), a microscope (Kabbalah), and an X-Ray (palmistry) to see what’s happening inside us. Kabbalah with its mystical techniques, metaphors and meditations…etc lights the way for any of us to rewrite our destines and the astrological fate that we were born with, to achieve a more productive and joyous life. Please sign up for my monthly astrology news letter; it is unique and loaded with tons of helpful information.